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The Ø15 mm orbit and the RUPES Ø125 mm backing pad make the random orbital polisher particularly suitable for curved surfaces.


The 15mm orbit of the LHR 15ES, is shorter than that of its big brother the LHR 21ES, and is coupled with a higher rpm level than that of the LHR 21ES.


This higher speed gives the LHR 15ES equivalent cutting power to the LHR 21ES, despite the smaller orbit.


Its Ø130/150 mm BigFoot polishing foam pads, perfect balance and vibration-free operation make the LHR 15ES a real gem and a must for the tool kit of every detailer.


RANDOM ORBITAL: The backing plate follows an orbit (the amplitude of which depends on the distance between the rotation axis of the drive shaft and the central axis of the backing plate) and is free to rotate about its central axis.


The backing plate is free to rotate at varying velocities and directions by the effect of the centrifugal force of the offset movement and by the effect of friction.


Should the friction forces be such as to prevent rotation of the disc while the tool is still operating, the random orbital movement would simply become an orbital movement.


The number of disc rotations is variable and independent of the number of orbits performed.

The random orbital movement is at present the best compromise in terms of effectiveness and surface treatment quality.



The RUPES R&D departments have paid particular attention to the design and ergonomics of the BigFoot polishers.


The perfectly balanced machine body, the practical handgrip, the silent operation and minimum vibration are just some of the characteristics that help make BigFoot the market’s most versatile and sought-after system.



The dual-function anti-spinning shroud is designed to protect the operator against the moving parts and act as a clutch for the backing pad, preventing further stress on the foam polishing pad when it is not in direct contact with the surface.



The speed controller on the handle is both practical and easy to use.

The speed of the polisher can also be regulated during use, thus avoiding any interruption of the polishing operation.



Pressing the button on the LEFT-hand side of the handgrip while polishing locks the on-off switch. This allows the operator to move his/her hands freely to different gripping positions while the tool is operating.



The attention to detail is not limited to just the innovative and attractive design.

The modern lines and exceptional technical quality are combined with several details that are the result of meticulous research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort.

LHR15ES Random Orbital Polishers

R9 504,00Price
  • 8051499562458
  • EAN 8059519681417

    Random orbital polisher (Ø125mm - Ø5”- 15mm orbit)(LHR15ES)

    D-A COARSE polishing compound 250ml(9.DACOARSE)

    D-A FINE polishing compound 250ml(9.DAFINE)

    UNO PROTECT One-Step Polish & Sealant 250ml(9.PROTECT)

    Wool polishing pad COARSE Ø130-145mm (9.BW150H)

    Wool polishing pad FINE Ø130-145mm (9.BW150M)

    D-A COARSE foam polishing pad Ø130-150mm - Ø5”-6” (9 .DA150H)

    D-A FINE foam polishing pad Ø130-150mm - Ø5”-6” (9.DA150M)

    Microfiber cloth Blue( 9.BF9050)

    Microfiber cloth Yellow(9.BF9060)

    Microfiber cloth White(9.BF9070)

    Claw pad(9.BF7001)

    Cable Clamp(9.Z1024)

    BIGFOOT apron(9.Z868)

    BIGFOOT tools bag(9.Z1043/BF)

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