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HLR15 RUPES BigFoot iBrid Polisher 

Features a 125mm PrecisionPro Backing Plate, PolyFiber Gear Set, LED indicator, Anti Spinning Ring and carbon brushless motor for maximum performance.

This professional cordless eccentric polisher with an 18 Volt battery features the revolutionary RUPES iBrid Technology.

The polisher is for every detailer who wants to professionally polish paint with a 15mm eccentric stroke.

Polishing with maximum control is done with this RUPES HLR15 iBrid polisher on battery 18 Volt.

The PrecisionPro Backing Plate backing pad is ultra-thin and low profile, allowing you to be closer to the surface while polishing, resulting in higher stability and power.

Inside the handle is blue LED lights that allow you to see during polishing whether you are applying enough pressure, or just leaning too hard on the machine.

The LED indicator instantly shows the battery level!

Thanks to the progressive start and trigger in the handle, you meter the number of revolutions per minute during detailing.

Cordless polisher 15mm eccentric

RUPES HLR15 is a cordless polisher 15mm eccentric rotary that is incredibly powerful and perfectly balanced. This battery-powered RUPES eccentric polisher creates a 15mm offset during polishing, making the machine hologram and swirl-free.

Thanks to its 15mm eccentric stroke and 125mm backing pad, the RUPES HLR 15 is the most professional dual-action polisher.

The best polisher on battery 18 Volt, is this RUPES HLR15 iBrid.

The machine has an ergonomic design that provides great balance, produces only 73 db(A) noise and works vibration-free.

Thanks to the PolyFiber fibreglass plastic material, the machine is lightweight.


Thus, the RUPES HLR15 dual-action battery-powered polisher features the following unique technologies:

  • PrecisionPro Backing Plate: an ultra-thin backing pad with a rubber edge
  • PolyFiber Gear Set: revolutionary plastic fibreglass material
  • Anti Spinning Ring: improves paint correction through a higher cut
  • LED Indicator: A blue LED indicator shows when you press too hard or the battery goes flat

HLR15 Dual Action Cordless Polisher 125mm - 18V

R17 500,00Price
  •     HLR15
    Ø backing pad mm/in 125 – 5″
    Ø orbit mm/in 15 – 19
    Volt DC   18V
    Battery life time   30 – 40 min
    Charging time   50 – 55 min
    R.P.M.   3000-5200
    Weight (without battery) kg 1,75 
    Speed control  
    Overcurrent protection  
    Electronic switch  
    Led indicator  

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