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Thanks to a higher internal section, the suction capacity has been increased, optimizing the performance of the Dust Extraction System.


The terminal part of the hose is conical for better ergonomics and handling, improving the suction and the tool performance.


The efficient conductivity of the material allows the dissipation more efficiently than the electrostatic charges generated during the sanding process.


The RUPES hose assembly is the right product for potentially explosive applications, according to the rule ATEX 2014/34/EU.

Conic Antistatic Hose Assemblies

PriceFrom R5 352,00
  • Code     Dims Tools    
    9GAT02001/X     5 m

    Electric tools

    9GAT02002/X     5 m Pneumatic tools
    9GAT02003/X     8 m

    Electric tools


    8 m Pneumatic tools


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