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All-in-one sanding and polishing system for painted surfaces

Duetto is equally effective working with soft or interface backing pads teamed with micro-abrasives during the defect correction step or with foam polishing pads and compounds during the polishing stage.


Extensive research on random orbital dynamics and exhaustive testing resulted in the choice of a 12mm orbit for Duetto.


This orbit length greatly improves the surface rectification abilities of the latest generation of micro abrasive discs.


The combination of Duetto and micro abrasives is especially effective when smoothing orange peel or significant defects.


The finish generated by this combination is both homogeneous and predictable, with no deep sanding marks.


Using micro abrasive discs to correct severe defects creates an easily polished surface, radically reducing the overall time of the entire correction process.


Duetto is so well balanced and low in vibration that the operator can easily control the sanding step by simply guiding Duetto over the surface.


The ability of the operator to control the tool so efficiently minimizes the chances of creating rough and uneven surfaces that require time-consuming rework.

Duetto has several design features that make it uniquely operator friendly.

The anti-spinning device reduces the chances of operator error even for a novice technician.

The front hand grip allows the operator to place their hand at the virtual balance centre of the tool and keeps vibration to a minimum.

The electronic module has built-in torque control, reducing the need for the operator to apply significant downward vertical pressure.


Another unique Duetto feature is the rubber support that allows the operator to place Duetto on a workbench without the abrasive disc touching a surface that might contain contaminants that could transfer to the workpiece during the sanding process.


Compatible with micro-abrasive discs and the appropriate 5” interface pad

LHR12E Random Orbital Polishers

PriceFrom R9 072,00
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