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A multi-function tool designed to promote efficiency.


The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool features a brush for clearing compound residues from pads to maintain consistent polishing performance and on the other end, a “claw” is used to separate the pads from the backing plate.


Available with or without the belt-mounted holding pouch the BigFoot Claw Pad Tool is a simple tool that can have a serious impact on your efficiency.




The BigFoot Claw Pad tool features a unique configuration of nylon bristles and rubber fins to dislodge residue from pad surfaces and refreshes pads to maintain optimal polishing pad performance without tearing or ripping the surface of the pad.




The “Claw” end of the BigFoot Claw Pad Tool serves multiple functions.

First, it can be used to separate pads from backing plates and minimise the damage done by trying to pull away from the high-engagement velcro material.


Simply slide the claw between the pad and the backing plate to create a gap and make your pads easier to remove. Additionally, it can be used as a compound spreader for priming fibre pads like RUPES D-A wool or microfiber cutting pads.

Claw Pad Tool

SKU: 9.BF7001
  • 8058341046098

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