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The Fine microfiber pads provide an increased defect removal rate without sacrificing finish quality when used with random orbital polishers.


They are designed to restore the depth and clarity of your vehicle’s paintwork.

The high-density microfiber is perfect for removing light swirl marks and holograms.


The Fine Microfiber Pads eliminate light imperfections delivering a perfect optical grade finish. 

D-A FINE Polishing Compound is recommended.


The unique microfiber is engineered to deliver high-performance cutting on the hardest paints.


The one-piece moulded design gives BigFoot Microfiber Pads the strength to work with the large diameter orbital movement designed by RUPES and the patented spiral slots are arranged in particular arcs so they interface with the venting holes on the backing plates they mount to and reduce heat buildup on the polishing surface

BF Series FM Fine Microfiber Polishing Pads

PriceFrom R152,25

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