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professional Air Purifier

The RUPES NIVEUS professional Air Purifier (Code. NV100/NV150/NV200 & NV300) are optimal solutions to have excellent air purification and create a healthy environmentincreasing workers’ protection, and thanks to its compact dimensions, can be easily installed in several sites.


RUPES professional Air purifiers can cover several environments with a flow rate ranging from 300m³-1250³/h.


This purifying product increases indoor air quality, reducing and capturing microdust, allergens, bacteria and viruses to improve workers’ health.


People can be exposed to a variety of substances at work which can lead to harmful health effects.


Workplace pollution is defined as the presence of hazardous materials visible and invisible such as microdust, bacteria, viruses, allergens, vapours and fumes.


The main exposure routes are inhalation, direct contact and swallowing.


Contaminated air passes through ULPA filters grade U15 which are made of fine mesh that blocks harmful particles.


A UV-C sterilizer chamber sterilizes ultra microorganisms and an activated carbon filter purifies the air before it is released into the environment.


The RUPES Air Purifier is an opportunity to increase the safety and protection of workers and improve indoor air quality.

Niveus Air Purifier

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