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Pneumatic random orbital palm sander, quick release button for the pad without using keys
Top quality machine, light, powerful, accurate, silent and very well balanced.

Versatile and easy to use, capable of high abrasive power and of an optimal level of finish.

Rotary orbital motion:


The combination of orbit and rotation ensures optimal sanding results, and reduced vibration levels thanks to its optimal balancing.

Fitted with an anti-spinning system which accelerates the pad slowly during start-up, thereby avoiding surface scuffing.

Speed regulation valve:

The pressure regulator eliminates the “blowback” effect of the pad on the surface.


Pneumatic random orbital palm sander applications:

  • Universal application for sanding wood, plastics, metals and painted surfaces, suitable for roughening and finishing work
  • Sanding fibreglass and “Gelcoat” materials

Pneumatic Random Orbital Palm Sander

R9 196,00Price
  • 8051499563288

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